Bola Tobun

11-12 July 2019

Industry expert

 Bola Tobun

Bola Tobun

London Borough of Tower Hamlets , Investment & Treasury Manager

Bola is a qualified chartered management accountant and an Investment & Treasury Manager with London borough of Tower Hamlets, responsible for directing and overseeing the management of £1.5bn assets of Tower Hamlets Pension Fund.

Bola worked in a similar role for over 7 years with London Borough of Lewisham Pension Fund before moving on in 2007 to oversee a private corporate pension fund with over 40 fund managers with investments in different asset class such as hedge funds, liability matching investments, swaps, infrastructure, property, private equity, etc. for almost 3 years.

She has gained first-hand experience on a wide range of activities, such as investment portfolio restructuring, managers’ selection, asset allocation, managing the valuation of swaps legs and collateral managements.


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