Philip Hebson

11-12 July 2019

Industry expert

 Philip Hebson

Philip Hebson

Worcestershire Pension Fund , Independent Advisor

Philip is a Senior Adviser at MJ Hudson Allenbridge and also a Business Development Executive for LGPS advisory clients.

He has over 39 years’ experience in the securities industry, having been with Charterhouse Securities (formerly Tilney & Co) for 20 years, being appointed a Director in 1992. He was a member of the UK equities sales team, responsible for marketing the firm's analytical output to a wide range of institutional clients.

In 2000 Philip joined Merseyside Pension Fund as Head of UK Equities, where he was responsible for research and portfolio structure decisions for the internally managed portfolio. He was also involved in the monitoring process for the Fund’s external investment managers and advised on the risk profiling of the Fund, including asset allocation.

Philip is the Independent Adviser to Worcestershire County Council Pension Fund and also undertakes special project work for other LGPS funds.

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